Anyone know what I should do?


Hello everyone. I just want to share my problem at the moment and hoping maybe anyone can help me.

I'm not Australian and my husband is and all his family living around us. I've married 5 years ago and I have 2 beautiful boys. 4,5 years old and 16 months old.

My husband was loving for the first couple of years we married. Very doted and family man. However, everything changed 2 years ago when all his mate is starting to divorce. He thinks I am a cheater like some of his friends ex wife. He even accusing me that I am cheating and pregnant with someone else baby when it's obviously it's him.

My 2nd pregnancy you can call it a depressing one. I'm not quiet religious and just pray and hope to God that he will change when the baby born. However, even tho our second is exactly another copy of him, he still resents me and questioning my every second.

Every time we argue, he always kicking me out of the house. "Get out from the house it's his exact word. Until last Thursday I had enough of him kicking me out I dare him if that's what he wants. And in front of my oldest, he said that will I go to my "bf house. I don't even have male friends unless it is his friends.

I'm not Australian and I don't have any family let alone a friend I could talk to. It's very exhausting and I felt like I'm mentally abuse. And it's been 2 years. Maybe I'm not being abuse, I'm not sure?

So the last straw is last night in the middle of the night I just woke him as he got sleep apnea and sometimes he stop breathing so I try to wake him up. He straight away going off on me and start yelling in bed. I just scrunched up and just hopping he will not hit me. He didn't, and I just stay away from him in bed. I literally only sleep 2hrs for the whole night just want to make sure if he not hitting me.

This morning when he go to work i just holding on my last hope to not call a police as I'm exhausted. I'm tired to being called all the worst name and he making me fel like I'm not worthy. My love to him as a partner is gone. I don't even want to have sex with him anymore. I just stay because of my boys. He is a great man for the outsiders but for me, he is a monster that ready to crush all my pride and dignity. My boys is even scare with him a lot of times because he just scream and yells. As a result, they rarely going out with their dad. Not that like my husband going to take them anyway as he think it's a hassle.

Since I'm only PR, I don't know what to do. I'm working as a casual Dental Assistant. I don't have any saving as all my saving is been use while he decide to took paternity leave for a year and only depends on my wage. I literally have nothing and don't know if I could do anything. Anyone know what should I do?

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