Bribie Island Butterfly House

Bribie Island Butterfly House

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Have you been to Wonderland? My kids and I just have. It's called the Butterfly House on Bribie Island and when you step past the black doors into the butterfly enclosure, you will have entered Wonderland. I could write all day on this topic yet sometimes a picture tells a thousand words so enjoy the photos of Miss Five's face below. I think you'll agree they say more than enough!

Located at 206B First Ave, Bongaree, Bribie Island, Queensland, this house is open Wednesdays and Sundays from 10 am to 4 pm and is run by amazing volunteers. If you didn't know this place was hidden where it is, you would drive straight on by. Luckily we headed straight there as my children love nature and I knew this would be somewhere where memories would be made. It is a small site with terrific under-tree parking, especially on hot summer days. If you couple a trip to the Butterfly House with a swim at one of the local, serene beaches, you won't regret it. This is exactly what we did and it earned a "best day ever" conversation tag.

If you live on the Sunshine Coast, this is a short hop, skip and jump for you. If you live in Brissie, this is a two-hour drive north for you, best done early in the day to avoid the northbound traffic. When you first enter, you are treated to an education session about the lifecycle of a butterfly, making this a perfect place for playgroup or school excursions. The entry fees are reasonable being $12 per adult, $10 concession, and $7 for kids aged 4 to 12.

Misting garden statues, gorgeous flowers, memorable quotes, cute gnomes, and of course hundreds of butterflies and stick insects will be found inside this house. It is simply beautiful, with wooden chairs nestled among the flowers for those who need a rest. There is a stick insect island and a chance to giggle at the number of people with butterflies on their heads or hats who have no idea they are there. There are Monarchs, and Birdwings, Blue Tigers and Eggflys, Triangles and Swallowtails. There is a DIY coffee station outside, toilets and a place to enjoy your own snacks. While there are fans about it, this is not an airconditioned event and so hats, sunnies and tolerance to the sun are required on hot days.

On the way out, you can purchase some butterfly-attracting plants from the mini nursery and they start from as little as $4. The kids were super keen to do this and came home to plant their new find almost instantly. Now we will wait to see how many butterflies come to visit us. Such good quality, green, safe fun. To find out more about the plants follow this link. It is a great read and again, another good find for preschools, schools, and playgroups.

May a butterfly (or two) land on your shoulder and make this the best day ever for you and your little ones.


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