Tom Rickards Park, Buderim

Tom Rickards Park, Buderim

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Another adventure and another hidden gem

Another adventure and another hidden gem to be discovered in Buderim, is Tom Rickards Park, a lush green space that embraces a scenic, open portion of Martins Creek, just off Pine Street.

Another adventure, another hidden gem in Buderim

Martins Creek runs behind the business centre, winding under Pine Street behind Lindsay Gardens Retirement Village, under Lindsay Road, behind the Buderim Mountain Primary School and down through Buderim Forest.  The creek was once the swimming hole for the Lindsay family (Lindsay Road is named after this family) and as recently as the 1950’s provided a safe habitat for platypus (source Ivan Lindsay interview 2002).

A paved path meanders beside the creek

A paved path meanders beside the creek’s headwaters, with the flow self-modulated by stormwater runoff. Walking along the path from the entry at Pine Street in Buderim, outdoor adventurers can enjoy the sounds of the prolific birdlife, delight in the lily-laden ponds and enjoy the ducks having an early morning swim.

Stop to enjoy the lily-laden ponds

This well-maintained path winds between homes and the Village Green Retirement Village - and I feel a touch of envy at the lucky residents’ here, who get to enjoy this green space on a daily basis. Please remember to respect the privacy of the homeowners as you wander through.

All that remains of the memorial ...

Continuing your walk from the entry at Pine Street in Buderim, the path will lead walkers through Royal Drive to Tulip Lane. There used to be a secret area here at the final turn of the path where a monument had been erected to the Buderim-Palmwoods Tramway , that used to steam through in the 20th Century. Remnants of a rail car chassis and a portion of the small gauge rail had been placed on permanent display with a map and images of the original Buderim Palmwoods Tramway. On the day we visited, we retraced our footsteps several times, unable to locate this little slice of history, so needed to interrupt other walkers' exercise session to make enquiries. The 'story' goes that the monument remnants have been removed for refurbishment and have never been returned. A tad disappointing …

An inviting spot for a picnic or a play

Over the years this whole area suffered from urban development runoff and was rotten with weeds and feral flora, making the lake unnatural and unappealing.

A newly installed boardwalk - all these paths are wheelchair and stroller friendly

A group of hard-working community members, under the leadership of Tom Rickard, got together to restore the headwaters. They replaced weeds with native flora and a silt trap was installed to help keep the creek cleaner. Many trees have been planted and the area is becoming a favourite for Pale Headed Rosella and the Lorikeet.
The area was renamed Tom Rickards Park by the (then) Maroochy Council in recognition of Tom’s efforts.

Sit and enjoy the sounds of nature

Tom Rickards Park is a delightful green oasis to visit and is extremely popular with local dog walkers and everyone else looking to enjoy the natural surrounds of local flora and fauna. The pathways would be suitable for wheelchairs and prams too.

A tranquil spot to visit

Images courtesy of author, Elaine de Wet
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